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Your special day simply cannot be handed to vendors who have gotten your trust only because they were able to spend more advertizing money and seemed to be more established. This is what most wedding registries have in commun today. Showcasing companies that spend the most. But these are not necessarily the best vendors.

At WedZem, we happen to think that vendors should be selected by their personnalities, their ability to listen, and the amount of passion that drives them every single day.

This is the reason why we decided to limit our number of vendors to 3-5 potential vendor per category within a same city. We conduct a thorough studdy of each vendor, his reviews, his pricing structure, the reliability of his services and the quality of their products. We pay extreme attention to their communication skills and their will to really make a difference. Unfortunetly, a growing number of wedding vendors become overnight "experts" for the wrong reason: capitalizing on the bridal's couples emotions.

Our vendors are among the best in the industry, the crème de la crème!