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The Company, Avant-garde Imports, located at 15201 Mason Road, SUite 1000 - Cypress, TX 77433, is the exclusive U.S-based administrator of the website www.wedzem.us (referred to as the "Company").

Any person accessing, browsing and using the services offered on www.WedZem.us agrees to carefully read and understand these General Terms & Conditions of Use and their future modifications/updates.

The last update/modification made to these General Terms & Conditions of Use is dated June 1, 2015

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Article 1: Definitions

  • Couple's Page : Represents the space created by the bridal couples which allows them to provide their Guests with all needed information with regard to their wedding.
  • My Wedding Registry : Represents the space used by Guests that allows them to contribute to wedding related expenses
  • Account: Represents the escrow account created for each bridal couple using www.WedZem.us
  • Guest: Represents a user or a visitor who is wanting to participate in a wedding registry
  • Registry: Represents a wedding wish list made by the bridal couple.
  • 0 Refers to the user who has created a registry
  • Participating Guest: Refers to a user or a visitor who has participated in a wedzem registry.
  • Paticipation: Represents the amount spent by a Participating Guest on a Registry
  • Site : Refers to www.WedZem.us
  • User: Refers to the visitor who is registered on the website www.WedZem.us
  • Visitor: Refers to the user who visits the www.WebZem.us, wether or not he/she uses its service

Article 2: Purpose and scope of application

The primary goal of the present General Terms & Conditions of Use (Referred to as "GCU") is to determine the conditions under which the company offers the access to its service on the Site www.wedzem.us. These conditions define the reciprocal obligations between the Company and the Visitors/Users of the Site

The GCU are to be applied during the entire usage of the website www.WedZem.us

The website www.WedZem.us (Referred to as the "Site") offers to any individual (referred to as "Visitor") the access to its online services without any discrimination or exclusion.

The Visitor agrees, during each of his/her visits to www.WedZem.us, to respect and to follow all GCU concerning all service available on the Site.

Consequently, each Visitor agrees to, without reservation, all terms of the GCU before each use of the Site.

AGI reserves the right to modify at any time the present GCU without any prior notice. The User or the Visitor is advised to entirely read the last version of our GCU using the following link: General_Conditions_of_Use

Should the Visitor or the User not agree to all GCU, he/she is required to leave the website www.WedZem.us without using any of its services.

Article a3: Description of the Services of the wedding list

AGI provides each bridal couple with an online platform allowing them to collect monetary participations from their Guests. In order to do so, they are first required to create an account answering a questionnaire about them and their event(s).

Following the creation of their account, the bridal couple can create their wedding registry and share details of their personal story and their upcoming wedding.

Once the blog has been created, it is accessible to the Guests through multiple ways proposed on the Site (URL, invitation emails, QR Code…). By visiting the Site, the Guest will have the ability to make monetary participation(s) for the benefit of the bridal couple (each participation is given to both individuals in the bridal couple in equal proportions).

The monetary participations made by the Guests remain on an escrow bank account until the bridal couple decide to withdraw these amounts or to close their Wedzem registry.

The bridal couple agrees to have the content of its Couple's Page made available online and waive the right to take any actions against AGI, the Site www.WedZem.us any of its representatives. These actions include but are not limited to their rights for intellectual property, the right for the personality and image, or the right for privacy for all information posted on www.WedZem.us.

AGI and its representative will not be held responsible for any content or comment posted by the bridal couple, by any of the wedding guests or by any other Visitor of the Site concerning the event(s).

AGI and its representative are not subject to any content monitoring obligation.

AGI and its representative will not be held responsible for any conflict that could occur between the bridal couple and their Guests and shall in no circumstances be asked to play the role of a mediator or an intermediary in cases of disputes.

Wedzem will not be held responsible for any conflict that may occur between the bridal couple and their guests and will, by no means, play an intermediary or arbitration role in these conflicts.

AGI the right to delete a wedding registry account at anytime and without any prior notice if the GCU are not respected or if the contents are of an abusive, offensive, defamatory, derogatory, degrading or pornographic nature. In such a case, AGI

Article a3 : Contributions to a wedding registry

All Contributions are made on the Couple's Page

After reviewing the Couple's Page, each guest will be able to select one or several item(s) from the ones listed and to determine the amount (entire or partial) that he/she would like to offer towards these items. Payments can be made online using a credit or debit card thanks to our partner, Stripe.

The acceptance of our Terms & Conditions assumes each Guest's responsibility concerning the veracity of all information he/she provided while using the Wedzem platform for any and all contributions.

Each Guest unequivocally consents to having some of the information that he/she entered shared with the bridal couple (first & last name, email address and/or mailing address). He/she also accept all consequences and liabilities for making a contribution on the wrong wedding registry. and will not hold Wedzem or its representatives responsible for this mistakes

The Guest is required to notify Wedzem via email within ten (10) working days of his/her contribution(s) should there be a need to cancel a transaction, without having to give any reason.

To be valid, the cancellation of a contribution and its refund has to be requested via email at contributors@wedzem.us. Each cancellation can either be partial or total. The amount of the requested refund has to be specified in each request.

Each refund will be finalized within a 30-day period following its request date and each amount refunded can only be lower than or equal to the amount of the contribution made towards the bridal couple's wedding registry, minus our commission, which is non-refundable. No refund will be made if the bridal couple already collected the contribution(s) in question

Article a3 : Using a wedding registration

Only the Bride & the Groom are responsible for the appropriate use of all contributed funds made on their wedding registry.

When they wish, the Bride & Groom can collect all or part of the contributions they received using the My Contribution Pool feature on their account. To access it, they must enter their private password. Only them are allowed to use this feature and they have to keep this password confidential at all time. Wedzem and its representative will not be held responsible Should there be any issues with regard to the transfer of contributions.

The transfers of contributions are essentially made on the "Contribution Pool" section of your account are bank transfers. To proceed, the Bride & the Groom have to uploade on their account their bank information when prompted to do so. The Bride and the Groom will be the only individuals held liable for each and every mistakes made entering their bank information. Wedzem wil not be held responsible should there be mistakes made by the Bridal couple while entering their bank information.

International bank transfers are not allowed, only domestic transfers on US bank accounts are allowed.

To carry out such identification , the user must go tohis account and upload the required documents , namely sided copy / back of an ID , bank details and a proof of address. Auguste will shelve the collection of a list as the requested documents have not been transmitted to it.

Wedzem reserves the right to carry out such a procedure of identification with any other users of its platform, for whom it considers appropriate in order to follow the guidelines of the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing.

Article a3 : Price List

Wen a contribution is made, a commission is deducted from the amount of this contribution. This commison is determined as specified below.

The amount of the commission deducted from each contribution is 3.9% + $0.50. This commission will be deducted after the validation of each contribution by the Guest.

The amount of each commission cannot be lower than $2.00

Article 3e : Stripe

Payment processing services for account holder on WedZem are provided by Stripe and are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service (collectively, the “Stripe Services Agreement”).

By agreeing to this agreement or continuing to operate as an account holder on WedZem, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement, as the same may be modified by Stripe from time to time.

As a condition of WedZem enabling payment processing services through Stripe, you agree to provide WedZem accurate and complete information about you and your business, and you authorize WedZem to share it and transaction information related to your use of the payment processing services provided by Stripe.

Article 4 : Responsability

Represents all monetary contributions made to any given Wedzem Registry Account.

After visiting a wedding registry, each Guest will be able to pick one or several items from the Registry and the amount he/she wishes to give. The payment of this participation can be made on www.WedZem.us through a secured payment platform.

The acceptance of our GCU establishes the liability of each Guest concerning the accuracy of the identity information he/she enter when making a contribution.

The Guest expressly consents to have his/her information fowarded to the bridal couple (included but not limited to his/her name, contribution, email address or mailing address)

The Guest also agrees to be the only liable party for his/her Participation. He/she will not be able to hold the Site responsible in case of his participation is made in the wrong registry.

Article 5 : Severability The clauses


Article 6 : Dataline Protection For Personal

A commission will be substracted from all monetary participations as detailed below:

A 3.9% + $0.50 transparent commission will be substracted from each monetary participation. This commission will be deducted from the participation immediately following the payment validation of the contributing guest.
There will be a $5.00 Bank transfer fee for all transfers of less than $1,000.00, and a $12.00 bank transfer fee for transfers of more than $1,000.00. The bridal couple's bank may also collect an incoming bank wire transfer fee.

Article 7 : Intellectual property

The invalidity, the obsolescence, the absence of a compulsory enforcement or the unenforceability of a provision within the present GCU shall not cause the invalidity, the obsolescence, the absence of a compulsory enforcement or the unenforceability of any other provision. All clauses in these GCU shall continues in full force and keep their effects.

The invalidity, the obsolescence, the absence of a compulsory enforcement or the unenforceability of a provision within the present GTCU shall not cause the invalidity, the obsolescence, the absence of a compulsory enforcement or the unenforceability of any other provision. All clauses in these GTCU shall continue in full force and keep their full effects.

Article 8 : Intellectual Property

AGI reserves all rights over the contents of the Site, particularly the texts, the images and all services offered,etc. Consequently, the content of this Site may not be represented or reproduced, in whole or in part, by print or any other means, without a written consent from AGI.